Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Medicine: old school

All doctors that teach medical students, at some point or another, will squint their eyes and speak wistfully of the good ol’ days when medical students slept three times a week and got humiliated frequently in front of patients and staff. It truly is a sad testament to modern medical education that it is the doctor who gets in trouble when he open hand slaps a student for omitting vital signs in a progress note!

Today, was supposed to my day off after twenty-four hours at the hospital. But before I left I noticed there was a surgical procedure that I wanted to watch, so, figuring that I wouldn’t have many more chances to see it, I scrubbed in anyway. After four hours the surgery was over and I changed back into my clinical attire to go home. At which point Dr. Pettigrew asked, “You going to a conference?”

“No,” I replied handsomely, “I’m off today and am going home to catch up on studying and sleep.”


Dr. Pettigrew then turned to the resident and reminisced about when he was in medical school and didn’t have the option to go home after a night of call. He then looked at me and nodded expectantly. “I couldn’t agree more,” I said, “we’re all a buncha pussies.”

Actually, I know better than to make such a comment in front of an obstetrician unless I can back it up.

What I really did was give the furrowed-brow-head-bob, as if to say, “Your opinion is full of consequence to me.” Then I looked at my analogue watch suddenly as though it had suddenly started shrieking and told then that I’d see them tomorrow after an afternoon and nighttime full of sweet sweet slumber. I believe that is the correct etiquette for having been called inadequate.


Anonymous your biggest fan said...

Very funny! I have a feeling I am going to thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. Your wife sounds really hot too! Is she smart? I mean you are going to be a doctor so she is probably just some ditz looking for money right? Although, fencing takes some brains so she can't be completely empty-headed. I bet she is great in bed though. Good luck with your rotation.

9:23 AM, August 18, 2005

Blogger J. Star said...

Hey--judging from this post, it looks like you've got some good blogger potential. :) I'd have voted for your unvoiced comment over your voiced one, but hey, that's just because it makes for interesting reading. :)

11:25 PM, August 19, 2005

Blogger Dr. Charles said...

very fun post, keep it up, you've got style.

10:51 AM, August 20, 2005


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