Saturday, August 20, 2005

Next week we will be presented with transcripts of books on tape...

I just had my first Friday grand rounds of my OBGyn rotation. If there is a god in heaven all of the conference rooms at the hospital will spontaneously fill with concrete and rebar next Thursday evening. It turns out that presentations by the residents are actually word-for-word transcripts of our textbooks in a timed audio visual format. That’s right: we read a book then get to have residents read the exact same paragraphs off of a projection screen. For four hours. I won’t even say they regurgitated information straight from the book because that would imply some amount of digestion took place.

In more positive news I got to see three cesarean sections this week. I have to say I’ve mastered the subtle art of holding retractors, snipping sutures, and suctioning smoke from the electrocautery gun. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll get to see at least one vaginal delivery in my last week in labor & delivery.


Anonymous Diddy said...

People deliver through vaginas?

10:11 PM, August 20, 2005


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